Our Athletic program is a parish-based program in which students from the day school and the Christian Formation program are eligible to participate.
The primary goal of our athletic program is to teach fundamentals, teamwork and good sportsmanship, as well as an opportunity to develop the student’s athletic abilities. In keeping with the policy of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, eligibility for sports will be directly tied to the student’s academic performance and behavioral record. Guidelines for Eligibility apply to all students participating in the sports program.

The following sports are offered at OLQP:


  • Girls’ Volleyball               Grades 5-8
  • Football                          Grades 5-8
  • Co-ed Soccer                   Grades 4K-8


  • Girls’ Basketball               Grades 5-8
  • Boys’ Basketball               Grades 5-8
  •   Co-ed Soccer            Grades 4K-8
For more information visit the following websites:
Volleyball and Basketball:  Parkview Parochial League
Catholic Youth Football Club
          Play tackle football!
            5th & 6th Grade team
            7th & 8th Grade team
For details, contact: John Young at (414) 761-8761 y_john@att.net