The School Committee functions as an advisory committee to the school principal.   It assists in the development and definition of policies which would be used to govern the operation of the the parish school.  The committee also provides a forum in which parents can express their questions and comments regarding the school educational program.  The committee meets bimonthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.
OLQP school parents and parishioners are invited to be members of the School Committee  If you are interested in becoming a member of this important committee or would like more information, please contact the School Principal, Janet Orlowski, at 414-672-6660.
Mrs. Sandra Abraham………………….Chairperson
Mrs. Joann Smagalski………………….Committee Member/Secretary
Mrs. Rosy Serrano………………………Committee Member
Mrs. Amy Stadler………………………..Committee Member
Mrs. Janet Orlowski…………………….Principal
Ms. Terry Dominiak…………………….Parish Council Liaison

Our Lady Queen of Peace

School Committee By-Laws

The mission of the Our Lady Queen of Peace School Committee is to help our children succeed in their academics, social and Christian formation by evaluating school policy and nurturing relationships between parents, the school and the parish. The committee also explores ways to promote the school in an ever-changing community.



This organization shall be known as the School Committee of Our Lady Queen of Peace School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and shall hereinafter be referred to as “the School Committee”.

The School Committee is related to the Parish Pastoral Council as a standing advisory commission that functions under its own operating guidelines as approved by the Parish Pastoral Council (hereafter referred to as the Parish Council) and in keeping with the Constitution of the Parish Council.


The first purpose of the School Committee is to help the parish fulfill its mission as articulated in the Parish Mission Statement and according to the annual goals set by the Parish Council.

The second purpose of the School Committee shall be to define, develop and provide assistance, in an advisory capacity, for the implementation of the policies which are set forth in the Mission Statement/Philosophy and Goals of Our Lady Queen of Peace School.


Section 1.

Members of the School Committee shall be the pastor (ex officio), the principal (ex officio), and a minimum of 7 with a maximum of 12 persons.  The School Committee will consist of parish members at large and parents/guardians of children attending the school.  School faculty members and their spouses, as well as parish employees and their spouses are ineligible to serve on the Commission.  A discernment process will take place to decide final membership.  The Parish Council will appoint a representative to the School Committee in order to facilitate communication between the School Committee and the Parish Council.

Section 2.  Term

Each member shall serve a term of three (3) years.  The terms shall be staggered and begin with the first regular meeting after being discerned.  Members may serve for no more than two consecutive terms.

Section 3.  Vacancies

3.1  Any member of the School Committee may resign by filing a written resignation with the chairperson.  At any official meeting of the School Committee, a member may be removed for good cause by consensus among the officers of the School Committee and the approval of the pastor/principal.

Any member whose removal has been proposed shall be given notice of an opportunity to be heard at the next scheduled meeting.  Good cause may include, missing two consecutive meetings without good reason, physical or mental incapacity, or failure to perform duties of an School Committee member, without good reason.

3.2   A vacancy among the members shall be filled by appointment of the chairperson if the total number of members is below seven (7) subject to the approval of the School Committee and the approval of the pastor/principal.

Section 4. Nominations

4.1   Each spring members shall be nominated for a term of three (3) years to fill the vacancies caused by the members whose terms are due to expire.

4.2   Prior to each annual nomination of new members, the chairperson shall appoint a Nomination Task Force composed of three (3) committee members.  The Nomination Task Force’s responsibility is to manage all aspects of the nomination process including:

4.2.a.  Education of School Families and Parish members
School families are informed through the School Newsletter about the School Committee and the nomination process.  Announcements in the School Newsletter are to run for two weeks.  Parish members are advised of the nomination process through the parish bulletin.  Announcements in the parish bulletin are to run for two weeks.  All nominees are asked to give prayerful consideration to nominating others or themselves for the School Committee.

4.2.b.  Nomination
School families and parish members can nominate themselves or others by contacting one of the members on the Nomination Task Force or by filling out a nomination form.

4.2.c.  Notification
Nominees are contacted by the Nomination Task Force regarding their willingness to be on the School Committee.  All those interested are invited to a discernment organized by the Nomination Task Force.

4.2.d.  Acceptance
The discernment process will identify the new members of the School Committee.   Should the number of candidates exceed the number of available seats, a special meeting of the School Committee will be called to vote on the composition of the new membership.   Suggested guidelines for membership should take into consideration the skills and talents of the current Committee..

4.2.e.  New members shall be seated on the School Committee at the last meeting of the school year.


The School Committee shall meet bimonthly throughout the school year.  Special meetings may be called by the chairperson when needed.  Meetings of the School Committee shall be open to school parents/guardians and parish members.  Members of the school and/or parish may address the School Committee by submitting a written request to the chairperson at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Application of these requirements will be at the discretion of the chairperson and/or principal.  The intention is to balance the need for good order and notice with fairness to all whom wish to be heard.


Officers of the School Committee shall consist of the one (1) chairperson and a secretary.  The School Committee shall select the chairperson and the secretary.  Ex officio members and the Parish Council liaison may not hold office.

Section 1.  Duties of the Officers
1.a.  The chairperson shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the School Committee.  The chairperson will prepare an agenda for the upcoming meeting.
1.b.  The secretary shall maintain a written record of all acts of the School Committee, conduct, receive and dispose of all correspondence as directed, and reserve all reports and comments to his/her care.


Section 1.

A quorum for any regular or special meeting shall consist of at least five (5) members.

Section 2.

The School Committee will attempt to reach a consensus in making decisions.  In the event members are unable to reach a consensus after a reasonable amount of time and discussion, the Chair may elect to put the matter to vote if a quorum is present.  A majority of the votes of members present at a meeting shall be necessary for the adoption of any matter unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws.


Section 1.

There shall be two (2) standing subcommittees of the School Committee:
Budget Subcommittee
Marketing and Recruitment Subcommittee

Section 2.

2.1.   These subcommittees shall be composed of volunteers.

2.2.   The Chairs of these subcommittees shall be members of the School Committee, chosen by the Chair of the School Committee with the support of the School Committee, the approval of the principal, and the approval of the pastor.  Chairs of the subcommittees may have their one-year terms renewed by the School Committee up to three (3) years, with the approval of the principal and pastor.

2.3.   The standing subcommittees shall be advisory to the School Committee and carry out the following duties:

2.3.a.  The Budget Subcommittee shall work with the Principal and the Director of Administrative Services annually reviewing and creating the instructional budget and tuition.  This Subcommittee will make recommendations to the School Committee regarding the succeeding year; the School Committee will present their recommendations to the finance council.  The finance council will then take it to the Parish Council for final action.

2.3.b.  The Marketing and Recruitment Subcommittee shall be responsible for considering and implementing short and long-term strategies for recruiting new students and families and for publicizing the Parish School.  This subcommittee will also provide assistance for the activities of Catholic Schools Week.


Any change in the by-laws must be approved by the School Committee with further approval by the Parish Council.


OLQP offers programs of education and formation for children who are willing and able to live within the religious, academic, behavioral, and attitudinal requirements of the school and whose parents/guardians demonstrate a desire to have the school assist them in their parental role as primary educators of their children.

Our Lady Queen of Peace School, guided by the Milwaukee Archdiocesan Policy on admissions, “respects the dignity of the child and his/her right to an education in a Catholic school.”  Neither race, nationality, nor other forms of discrimination shall prevent a child from being accepted on a space available basis unless attendance would cause conflict for the child because of the religious philosophy of a Catholic school or if the school is unable to meet the specific needs of the child.


Registration for the new school year will be taken for the presently enrolled students during the month of January.  Registration for new students to OLQP will begin February 1st of the current school year. The last report card, birth certificate, immunization record, copy of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) (if applicable) and baptismal certificate (if applicable) must be presented at the time of registration.

Principal or a member of the school office staff will inquire as to whether the new student has a history of or is presently eligible for special education and related services available under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the school with a copy of the student’s IEP.  A student eligible for placement under IDEA may be enrolled at OLQP if a plan and resources are available to meet the student’s special needs (Archdiocese Policy 5111.2.).

All new students are on probation during the first year.  Probation may be extended at the discretion of the principal


·         No child may be admitted to 4-year old kindergarten unless he/she is 4 years old on or before September 1 of the year he or she proposes to enter school.

·         No child may be admitted to 5-year old kindergarten unless he/she is 5 years old on or before September 1 of the year he/she proposes to enter school.

·         No child may be admitted to the 1st grade unless he/she is 6 years old on or before September 1 of the year he or she proposes to enter school.


In the admission of students to Our Lady Queen of Peace School, consideration shall be given in the following order

  • To all children currently enroll
  • To children of families with siblings currently enrolled in school.
  •  To children of parishioners.
  • To children from other schools.

Parents of students currently enrolled in the school have until February 1st  of the current school year to inform the office concerning the enrollment of thier child for the following school year.  If no response is made, the student will be considered not enrolled and will be take off the class list for the next school year.  If the parents notify the school office after February 1st   that they wish to keep their child enrolled, they may be placed on a waiting list if the number of students in that class has reached a maximum number.

Below is a link to our school registration form.  Please complete the online form, print it out and bring it with you to help expedite the registration process.  You will also need to being your child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate (if applicable) and immunization record.

Thank you for your interest in Our Lady Queen of Peace School.  We look forward to meeting you and taking you on a personal tour of our wonderful school!