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The Extraordinary Ministries of the Eucharist function in two ministries.  The first ministry is to assist with the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass when there is a large number of communicants.  The second ministry is taken from an ancient tradition in the Church’s sacramental history whereby a lay person brings the Eucharist to the sick and the homebound.  Any Confirmed, practicing member of OLQP desiring to become a Eucharistic Minister should contact the parish office at 414-672-0313 ext. 113.

We are looking for parishioners who are willing to greet those who come to worship at OLQP.  No special skills required; just the willingness to smile and extend a warm welcome. If you are interested, please talk to our organist, Margaret Hagedorn.
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Lectors proclaim the Scriptures at Mass on Sundays, Holy Days and Holidays.  The Liturgy of the Word is the one of the two integral components of the Mass.  The Lector must be able to proclaim the Scripture in a clear, easily heard and understandable manner.
Preparation for this sacred ministry involves a commitment to attend scheduled training sessions, participation in the liturgical education programs offered by he Archdiocese and preparation of the scheduled readings so as to understand the scripture message.  If you are interested in assisting in this ministry please contact the parish office at 414-672-0313 ext. 113

Ushers assist with greeting, seating of people for Liturgical celebrations and are responsible for gathering the church collections at weekend, Holy day and Holiday Masses.   Ushers are assigned for specific Masses by the coordinator of Ushers and are asked to arrive at least fifteen minutes before Mass and plan to stay at least ten minutes after the Mass.  Husband/wife usher teams are encouraged.  If interested, please contact the parish office at 414-672-0313 ext. 113.

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COVID-19 Update: Our new office hours are Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:00pm. To contact us call: 414-672-6660 orclick here.