Junior Kindergarten (4K)

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In the K-4 classroom we focus on getting a strong foundation built for learning through out your child’s school career. Number and letter recognition are critical. We also try to build on your child’s emerging phonemic skills. Having good books read to them is very important. I have a large collection of children’s books that I bring from home to read during our different thematic units throughout the year. We do a lot of different art projects related to these theme units. Helping to develop your child’s social skills are just as important as his/her academic skills. We work a lot on manners in the classroom and school routine, as well as instilling in them what it means to be a good friend. Developing good learning skills are important and we work hard in the classroom to instill these skills for their future learning.

Senior Kindergarten (K5)

Image result for free clipart for curriculumOur objectives for Senior Kindergarten are to develop positive attitudes about ourselves, our families and our friends. In order to do this we will learn more about the gifts and talents and abilities that God provides in us.

We will learn more about Christian actions that include: sharing, taking turns, loving, helping, caring about others and thanking them to. We put these into action in our classroom.Our reading program uses big books and we learn about rhymes and repetitions. We learn how to see patterns in books, and how to see cause and effect. We focus on comprehension as we do follow up activities and remember the sequence of events in the stories we read. This program is phonics based, that is we focus on beginning sounds in words and we get to learn about sight words such as: the, to, go, said, here, I, my….In math we learn how to sort and how to pattern, how to count and how to measure. We learn about numbers and shapes and sizes. We know how to make more, less, how to graph, how to tally. We know about heads and tails and money. We learn how to tell time to the hour, and the half hour and we make clocks. We count to 100 and have a party to celebrate one hundred days of school!In science and social studies we learn about how to stay healthy (exercise and good nutrition) and happy (to love as Jesus loves), what a community is, and how to use all our senses to experience God’s creation.This is just some of what Kindergarten is all about. Additional subjects include computers, music, gym, library and Spanish.