Our Lady Queen of Peace is a school community consisting of supportive parents and a dedicated staff who work together to provide OLQP students a rich and rewarding educational experience.  Here you will meet the individuals who comprise that staff.  With over 200 years of teaching experience ranging from 2 years to 30 years, our staff is a wonderful balance of knowledge and creativity with an overabundance of enthusiasm. The loyalty and dedication displayed by this staff is evident in the low turnover over the past ten years.
Our weekly Level and Faculty meetings help to create a Professional Learning Community within our school.  Professional Learning days support the student learning goals developed at the beginning of the school year and the implementation of best practices in education today.
The staff has also created a family atmosphere within the school with the celebration of holidays, child-centered events such as Day of the Child and the special events in the lives of our staff members.
The staff also takes pride in the appearance of our school building as evident when the teachers took time from their summer break to paint their classrooms’ doors in order to brighten up the school.

On a daily basis, the focus of our staff is to teach and to challenge our students not only to achieve academically, but also to be a disciple of Jesus.

Mrs. Janet Orlowski
Ms. Aracelis Ayala
Office Manager
Mrs. Urdapilleta
Teacher, 4K
Mrs. Urdapilleta’s Class
Ms. Johnson
Teacher, 5K
Ms. Johnson’s Class
Ms. Schwarz
Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Schwarz’s Class
Mrs. Dorsey
Teacher, Grade 2
Mrs. Dorsey’s Class
Mrs. Hoppe
Teacher, Grade 3
Mrs. Hoppe’s Class
Ms. Podgorski
Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Podgorski’s Class
Mr. Ellis
Teacher, Grade 5
Mr. Ellis Class
Mr. Dobrinska
Teacher, Grade 6, MS Mathematics
Mr. Dobrinska’s Class
Ms. Beal
Teacher, Grade 7, MS ELA
Ms. Beal’s Class
Mrs. Chesick
Teacher, Grade 8,
MS Social Studies/Science
Mrs. Chesick’s Class
Mrs. Talavera
Teacher, Spanish
Mr. Duwe
Teacher, Physical Education
Mrs. Dorsey
Teacher, Art & Music
Mrs. Dorsey’s Art Class