I am very excited to be back at OLQP and can’t wait for another fun-filled year! First grade is full of many new and exciting things and lots and lots of new things to learn. This is also a year full of transitions! They now say goodbye to nap time, play time and group tables while they say  hello to the responsibility of having their own desks, taking care of their own belongings and staying awake an alert for an entire school day! While there is many new routines to get used to, we ease in to the changes throughout the year and  by the end the growth and development of the students that can be seen is truly amazing! I love seeing how much progress and growth each student makes over the course of the year. While we are busy diving in to a world full of words, phonics and reading we make sure to take time and always have fun! I can’t wait for another great year ahead. Please don’t hesitate to contact me through the school phone number at 414-672-6660 if you have any questions!