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My name is Mrs. Talavera and I am very honored to teach Spanish to my students at OLQP.

I love when the students use their new vocabulary to communicate in Spanish. I am really proud of my students and what they have accomplished.

We learned about the different Hispanic cultures including costumes, dances, places, food, and famous people.  The students created their own Spanish speaking country posters including arts and craft called the “God’s Eye”. The “God’s Eye” teaches us about the beliefs of our ancestors, and are beautiful decorations which are located in our classroom for display. In the classroom, students work individually to learn their new vocabulary and with a partner, put it into practice.

Next month we are going to concentrate on our prayers, commandments and Stations of the Cross in the Spanish language. We need to make sure that we dedicate time to our Creator.

We also invite our students to join our Aztec Group and practice our dances with us on Tuesdays and Thursday after school.

God Bless You All!