As a diverse urban parish rooted in Christ’s Gospel and Catholic tradition, Our Lady Queen of Peace is committed to building a community of faith through worship, education and service.  With Mary as our example of unconditional love, we aspire to demonstrate God’s forgiveness and serve as channels of peace, compassion and stewardship to all we meet.
GOALS FOR 2018-2019
FINANCES & STEWARDSHIP:  Develop three or more consistent, new means of parish income and provide ongoing information of the parish finances to the community.
EVANGELIZATION:   Recruit and train a volunteer coordinator for the English-speaking Evangelization Team.
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Integrate the Parish First Communion Preparation Program and the School First Communion Preparation Program.
PRAYER & WORSHIP:  Re-organize the Prayer & Worship Committee with the heads of the parish liturgical ministries (English and Spanish) and representatives of the prayer groups.
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Strengthen the Human Concerns Committee and create channels of relationship with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and the Saint Rita’s Project.
STAFF & WORK ENVIRONMENT: Improve communication among the staff, school personnel, and parishioners, and provide more opportunities of social activities among the parish staff.
BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Establish a Buildings & Grounds Committee that would create a short-term and a realistic long-term plan for the parish.
SCHOOL:  Facilitate a development session for the OLQP school teachers and personnel on the uniqueness, gifts, and challenges of the Latino culture.